The Storyteller
Hi guys! My name is Ayu Kartikasari, please call me Ayu. I am just a 24-year-old girl living my (hard yet wonderful) life as a Master student, majoring in International Security at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands. Oh in case you are wondering, my master program is financially supported by the government through LPDP Scholarship. According to my friends, I have such a really weird personality, my mind is full of wild thoughts, jokes, and random things. So brace yourself when you read my blog haha.

The Story
I basically love to hear and tell stories, so I named my blog after saga lífs míns, which litterally means "the story of my life". I used Icelandic just because I am really obsessed with everything about Iceland, especially its breathtaking nature and northern lights. 

At first, I started the blog only for fun, catching up with the current trend, and sharing some personal daily activities as if my blog was my online diary. As I grew up, many things have happened and somehow these changes have taught me a lot to be a better human being. I still want to keep my blog as the way it is, as my personal online diary, and I think it is nice to tell stories about life. Because one's life will always be different and unique from others. There must be many unexpected and inspiring things, funky taste in music or movies, and great travelling or life experiences that one person could have. Departing from this idea, I would always love to share many good experiences, current favourite interests, about my current feelings or review of some stuffs I have used on my blog. Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to constantly post about those stuffs, and I hope you will be able to feel my experience through what I have shared here.

Saga lífs míns will mostly consists of my personal daily experiences, my interests in music, movies, and photography/videography. Mind you, since I am a weirdo, I also post random stuffs, and some heartstrings of mine.

Music is my second best and effective remedy when I feel down (because the first and best-of-the best medicine of everything is praying to God, at least to me hehe). In case you are wondering about my music preference, you may visit my 8tracks profile here. In general I listen to any kinds of music, but my taste in music is changing over time. I used to be really into emo/screamo/metalcore/hardcore music scenes, then I also love jazz, Korean pop, rock, folk, shoegaze, post-rock, anything indie or even dangdut. It actually depends on my current mood, and in the past four years, I am so into Sigur Rós, Air, The Paper Kites, Rhye, MAE, Beat Connection, Jonathan Boulet, Coldplay, Mew, Explosions in the Sky, Toe, Yuna Zarai, Standing Egg, Bombay Bicycle Club, Shura, The Temper Trap, Björk, Peppertones, Lucy Rose, Daughter, Glen Check, Chvrches, Ggotjam Project, Lianne La Havas, Death Cab for Cutie, Beenzino, Foals, Big Bang, Aquilo, EXO, The Shins, Honne, Balmorhea, The National, Jessie Ware, Laleh and The 1975.